Thursday, March 24, 2011


There’s a glint of sun that glows
on a patch of grass that grows
where the earth is damp and broken
where the slug and sowbug goes

As December crashed and froze
January thumbed her nose -
March slips rings upon my fingers
and ties bells onto my toes

Somewhere lily laughs with rose
sewing jewels on their clothes
turning green eyes towards the bluebells
coyly tying on their bows

Scenes repeated, I suppose,
in spectacular tableaus
all around a world yawning
buds and birds as bright hellos

February, in her throes
spat me out upon her floes –
March’s outstretched wing descended
just before the rats and crows

Someday I’ll get there to those
valleys, mountains and plateaus
where the arc of every petal
outshines all our poems and prose

but today, I’m glad to doze
in this patch of grass that grows
smelling sweet earth, damp and broken
where a glint of sunlight glows.


Karen said...

I don't want to belabor it, so I'll just say what comes to mind to see you here: thank God.

Aniket said...

Thank you March, indeed! I'm so glad you're okay. We'll all get to those "valleys, mountains and plateaus" someday, but not yet, friend. Not yet.

I've still a lot to learn from you. So, hang around, will ya? :)

Sarah's back at Murmurs too. I should write something on MoD too. Lets call in a reunion. What say?

Sarah Hina said...

Something about this one--makes me think of a flower opening. How it starts very small--before we can even see it or sense it--and unfurls to encompass the heavens. Even the rhyme echoes this opening. It's pure and almost childlike.

And then you bring it back at the last stanza, to the most beautiful part: a beginning. But a patient one.

Plus, what Karen said. YES.

joaquin carvel said...

first - sorry for disappearing like that. i missed you all a lot.

karen - thank you. can't tell you how happy i am to be back.

aniket - yeah, i'll try to stick around. a reunion? perfect. :)

sarah - thank you. wasn't sure about the rhyme - but i'll take what you said. and really, it was more about getting something green to poke up through the mud.