Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egress Largesse

Tell me that you

bought a card
and I’ll pretend you sent it.

I’ll say it was eloquent
if you pretend
you meant it.

We can tell our friends
we’re friends
to ease their apprehension,

say we didn’t hit the roof,
that it was more

Tell me that you
bought a card
and I’ll pretend it flatters.

I’ll say that I wish you well
if you pretend
it matters.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Spun out at the intersection
of Mistakes
and Misdirection

pealing tires pouring smoke
as the brakes
howl through the spokes

twisted mouth of the suspension
pulled apart by
torque and tension

it’s a cold and quiet night
not another soul in sight
just a silent swirl of dust
falling back to road and rust

Closed my eyes, held on and skated
through the cyclone
I created

wheel slipping through my fist
wrenching something
in my wrist

hoped and prayed and swore and guessed
‘til it shuddered
to a rest

it’s a cold and quiet night
not another soul in sight
signal flashing overhead
dim and doubtful pools of red

Didn’t think to try the engine
left the keys
in the ignition

just collected what I could
of my shredded wits
and stood

didn’t even shut the door
tried to stagger
to Before

it’s a cold and quiet night
not another soul in sight
trying to get where I can’t go
from someplace that I don’t know

Somewhere southeast of Disgrace
when a streetlamp
lit my face

on a corner, felt a breeze
read the signs and
hit my knees;

broke down at the intersection
of Renewal
and Redemption

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Corporate Compliance



1. Code of Business Conduct:

Conduct all business
in code; a problem is
“an issue”.
To ignore an issue,
“table it” until it becomes
“an escalation.”

When your boss tells you
“let’s talk about that offline,”
stop talking.
When her boss tells her
“Let’s talk about that offline,”
start updating
your résumé.

2. Electronic Communication Awareness

Corporate email systems
are not to be used
for personal business.

There is no personal business here
because we impersonally

3. EEO and Harassment Policies

You do not have a race, color, or creed;
you are a number,
and you will be respected
as such.

Respect others
as such.

No means no
unless accompanied by a coy smile
in which case
it might also mean
“maybe, but not here”
(see also
Code of Business Conduct)

4. Ergonomics

It is not your imagination.

There is a multitude of ways
this innocuous little cube
can completely cripple you,
and if it does

it is entirely your fault.


Please print for your records.
Expires in 12 months.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Petal smooth and shifting you
reach your rolling neck
and roll your reaching arm,
a pure and perfect smile;

Your knees may scrape
your arms may bruise
someday you’ll love
something you lose
My whispers curl along
your small ear and fair-haired you
kick out and are still,
filling up canyons with
murmurs and gasps…
Your head may bump
your tummy hurt
someday two tears
will streak the dirt
Sleep with the peace of prayer,
wake with the awe of stars,
your fingers
fall open
like spring;

I never knew hope
I never knew fear
I never knew what
ferocity was

You will lose some
You will leave some

How can I say
you came from me
when you’re more than
I knew
could be?

[first posted on Flash Fiction a while back.]