Thursday, May 29, 2008


Pregnant skies
withhold the rain.
Charcoal rubbed clouds
wheeze up from the sea.

I am driving an empty road
next to a nervous freeway.
The cars rush past the trucks
who rush past

Inhaling the harvested
celery fields,
the damp soil,
ridges of dried mud
arcing across the median.

It is funeral weather and
I am dressed for a funeral,
creased trousers, necktie,
black raincoat.

I turn the radio off
and listen to the buzz of feathered
tires on dry

I am as the day is,
something big
waiting for something bigger,
a promise biding time.

The howl of wind
blowing through my open window
is cold and then colder;
I feel the skin
on my scalp

I steer past the low buildings,
staked saplings,
into the parking lot.

I think ahead to the first cup
of coffee,
the scattered, cryptic notes,
trying to remember where
I left off,
who I’ve yet
to call.

Monday morning met
and there’s no rain coming down.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pyromaniac Love Cheer

Fire chief, fire chief,
sis boom bah,
burning down the firehouse,
rah rah rah.

One for the tinder,
two for the spark,
three for the four alarm
flashing in the dark.

An I and an R and an O-N-Y,
fire chief, red sedan,
colors in the sky,
a hee

and a ha
and a ho ho ho,
fire chief, fire chief,



Thursday, May 15, 2008


stolen moments
whispered words
trembling like a
baby bird

falling silent
i succumb
sugar, spice
and opium

today dies in the ocean
tomorrow’s coming soon
driving through the darkness
beneath the Cheshire moon

bewildered and
in this perverted

call it madness
or a dream
doesn’t matter
what you mean

today is its own answer
tomorrow is a rune
puzzling between them
beneath the Cheshire moon

gathered roses pricked –
i bled
painted snowy
petals red

simple questions
silver smoke
who never spoke

today’s a tattered web that hangs
tomorrow’s a cocoon
broken wings are mending
beneath the Cheshire moon

some rabbits run
some rabbits laugh
some slice their blackened
hearts in half

to celebrate
what isn’t there
the bankrupt
have the most to share

dishwater spinning down the drain
reflection in a spoon
i pour another cup of tea
beneath the Cheshire moon

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Up and over
through the air
I am flying

Spun and strung out
eyes are sandy
wrapped up like a
cotton candy;

Low and lower
on the ground
breaking bones
without a sound;

Thursday, May 1, 2008


sorry – this poem has been removed due to some delusional endeavor to get published. i’ll put it back once i come to my senses.