Thursday, July 30, 2009


Just outside of Flagstaff
on a stretch of dusty road
in a phone booth with the glass broke out
she told me how she growed

and by the time I got there
she was halfway to L.A.
with some guy up in a Kenworth
who had half a mind to stay

But ain’t a man can keep her
you turn around, she’s gone
she’s running from the devil or
she’s chasing down the dawn

Now mister I ain’t crazy
and mister I ain’t wise
I’m just half a cup of coffee
rubbing sleep out of my eyes

Got pretty close in Frisco
give or take a day
but I seen I barely missed her
when they pulled him from the bay

Seems I’m always half a step
or two or three behind her;
her laugh was like a lighthouse
but her shadow’s what defined her

I heard she blew through Texas
maybe stopped in Lafayette
and I just come from Coeur d’Alene
on axel grease and sweat

Now mister I ain’t stupid
and mister I ain’t scared
she may be splitting atoms or
she may be splitting hairs

But she ain’t stopped for long enough
to see her own forever
and I ain’t gonna stop until
we’re running off together.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fredrick Darling

Built a box
for Fredrick Darling
eyes like clouds
of startled starlings

with his lot
spat and cursed
the very thought

Dug a hole
for Fredrick Darling
nose like knuckles
bent from brawling

burning cheap
cigars and fury
judge and jury

Stamped a stone
for Fredrick Darling
gaunt and gray and
sneering, snarling

hollow beast
that rattled Troy
and hid a scared
and broken boy

Held a wake
for Fredrick Darling
wecome rain
was gently falling

no one but
the parson came
to say a prayer
or bless the name

Fredrick Darling
who’s just as cold
now that he’s

Thursday, July 16, 2009


that night I didn’t kiss you
outside Tony’s
on the pier
or that time you said
you loved me
and I ordered you
a beer

the way I couldn’t stand it
when you sought
my shifting eyes
or the senselessness
I spouted
in ambiguous

when you tried to hold my hand
I’d find somewhere else
to put it
and when anything felt
I’d find some way to
uproot it

and that night I left you crying
outside Tony’s
on the pier
as the surf
plowed through the pilings
I heard every

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Sometimes we get ambushed
by the happiness we’ve hunted -
just because it’s unexpected
doesn’t mean it isn’t wanted

I know you didn’t mean to
and I understand you’re scared
and of course it’s complicated
and of course you’re unprepared

but I know the heart that guides you
and I know you’ll soon see how
much more strength there is inside you
you just didn’t need ‘til now

Their eyes may burn with judgment
disapproval or duress
and of course it won’t be easy
and of course it’s all a mess

but the things that bring you worry
are no causes for concern;
you already know what matters
and it won’t take long to learn

that it isn’t sacrificial
when the things you lose are worthless
and it isn’t accidental
when it grows into your purpose

Sometimes we get sentenced
to more grace than we can take -
no one blessed with breath is
ever anyone’s mistake

Thursday, July 2, 2009


reaching through
the morning mist
shedding drops of

leave the green to
elms and pines
leave the gold to
mums and mines

let your branches
spread and set
a swaying crown of

a kiss from God
and from Ms. Sessions
in each blossom
as it beckons

shame the sky
through every hue
he proffers, never half as