Thursday, July 9, 2009


Sometimes we get ambushed
by the happiness we’ve hunted -
just because it’s unexpected
doesn’t mean it isn’t wanted

I know you didn’t mean to
and I understand you’re scared
and of course it’s complicated
and of course you’re unprepared

but I know the heart that guides you
and I know you’ll soon see how
much more strength there is inside you
you just didn’t need ‘til now

Their eyes may burn with judgment
disapproval or duress
and of course it won’t be easy
and of course it’s all a mess

but the things that bring you worry
are no causes for concern;
you already know what matters
and it won’t take long to learn

that it isn’t sacrificial
when the things you lose are worthless
and it isn’t accidental
when it grows into your purpose

Sometimes we get sentenced
to more grace than we can take -
no one blessed with breath is
ever anyone’s mistake


Karen said...

This one's for the girls, those broken-hearted, frightened, brave girls:

"Sometimes we get sentenced
to more grace than we can take -
no one blessed with breath is
ever anyone's mistake"

I want to publish this everywhere. You are such a force. I don't know what else to say.

Julie said...

Joaquin, you're hitting at my heart again. I was one of those girls. This one makes me cry (in a good way). I can't imagine life without my beautiful daughter. I love this:

"but the things that bring you worry
are no causes for concern;
you already know what matters
and it won't take long to learn."

Such true words. I also LOVE the line "when it grows into your purpose." She's my purpose...over career, over friends, over any of the other stuff out there in the world.

Joaquin, you've got a heart as big as all outdoors, and I admire that very much. A big, beautiful heart. I know someone else right now who will love this poem, too. I'll be sure to share it. Thanks for posting!

Karen said...

Eureka! It's working!

word verification: bogshor - now there's a word...

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Oh, Joaquin - the perceptiveness of this is so apparent. Such warm sensitivity comes in waves, as each stanza offers acceptance and strength. Like Karen said, it should be published everywhere. You are making us all cry on this July day...

RachelW said...

Oh, how I like the ending of this!

BloggerMouth said...

Wow. I've visited so many blogs but not one of them has ever touched me so much on my very first visit. Glad I found this page. Thanks for the post, it was beautiful and inspirational.

Catvibe said...

Joaquin, beautiful and perfect. If I could show every teenager this poem, especially the last line, I would.

joaquin carvel said...

karen - thank you - i don't think i've been called a force before. you can start stapling this on telephone poles if you want. :P jokes aside - it was written for a particular (frightened, brave) girl - but is, i hope, for all of them.

julie - your response, as "one of those girls", is a huge relief - and gratifying, and humbling. thank you. there is no poem that could come close to being able to see/hear what that situation looks like from the other side, from someone who's been there - i wish they could all sit down with you for half an hour.

k. - sorry, didn't mean to make you cry - but if they were good tears, i suppose it's ok. so good to hear from you - i know you are busy - thank you.

rachel - thank you - i wasn't convinced i had the last stanza worded right - so your comment is very encouraging.

bloggermouth - i'm glad you found it too. thank you for your kind words - hope to hear from you again.

cat - wow - thank you. it's funny - there are things i wish i could go back and tell me when i was a teenager - but i, as a teenager, probably would have blown me off.

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed this hopeful piece. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The only thing for me is the last stanza. Dare I say? To my ears (and this is my ears only so take or trash, you, I would have dropped the 'is' to the line proceeding).
Loving the whole flow through with this, making for a good read, you.