Thursday, March 31, 2011


brew the coffee hoping
that today will be
the day -
wondering if the miracle
is on its
merry way.

stare out the kitchen window
as the night begins
to fall –
wondering if the miracle
is having hope
at all.


Karen said...

Knowing that the heart does go on, that is the miracle to me, and why else do we go on except that we hope? That probably really is the miracle of living and why we are able against all odds to keep doing it. Maybe "missed", but hoped for.

Julie said...

Joaquin! I didn't know you were back (I don't know how to set up alerts or whatever...still doing the prehistoric click and check when I'm home). It's great to see you. I missed you much.

Yes, hope is all we have some days, sometimes many days. I'm so glad you're back.

Kits said...

Hope is something we need J - trust me after seeing all this nonsense happening in Tokyo, hope we need and oodles of it too.

Really so lovely to have you back :)

Aniket said...

I needed this today. I need it right now.
I'm against hope hopen that my miracle is on its way. You're awesome but you're work is awesomest! Gives me hope.

Sarah Hina said...

I always love what you do with titles, and this is no exception. As for the poem: worst feeling in the world to feel like hope is elusive, that our lives are in stuck in neutral. The passing from morning to night between stanzas says a lot about the space between.

Here's hoping something flies through every window that is open, and soon.

joaquin carvel said...

karen - i think you're right - even when it seems more like delusion -; but really, why else? thank you.

julie - thank you. and for the record, i'm prehistoric that way too. or lazy. anyway - it's funny, but sometimes it's hope for a little hope that does the trick.

kits - no kidding. take care out there, and hang on. (we're due for a big one too - probably next in line - but until then, thank you. it's good to be back. )

aniket - what a wonderful thing to say. i'm glad - that's what it's for, right? for passing around? thank you.

sarah - yeah, neutral sucks. and hope gets tired. but it's either hope or give up, so…hope. thank you - and yes - here's hoping. : )

Anonymous said...

interesting to read you in a different mode/style.
I like your word play (as also is Fingerprince)
as for hope - I say when you trust you need not to hope

blessings and muse,