Thursday, November 25, 2010


Praise the Lord and pass the gravy

Dave got drunk and joined the navy;

raise a glass to Aunt Louise

who passed away and pass the peas

Turkey’s cold but so’s the beer

send them sweet potatoes here

grab a plate, don’t mind the clutter

green beans and some bread and butter

Cousin Crystal brought her kids

(Lord knows who their daddy is)

Cousin Carl’s ex-wife Jan

(call her Jim now – she’s a man)

Someone go tell Uncle Teddy

time to wash up – supper’s ready;

he’s up under Ann’s corvette,

still ain’t got it started yet

Grandpa’s gripin’ ‘bout his gout

collard greens and brussels sprouts;

grandma’s mixin’ up her lunch,

that famous bowl of julep punch

Some stuffing and some dirty rice

cranberry sauce and pop on ice,

sure wish Cousin Frank was here -

hope he makes parole next year

The kids is raisin’ hell, I swear –

s’why they’re sittin’ over there,

sneakin’ more potato chips

and olives on their fingertips

But that’s the whole damn point, I guess -

the din and fights and food and mess –

sure we’re rowdy, plain and poor

but we’re what we’re all thankful for.

I’ll take pumpkin and pecan

someone turn the ballgame on -

praise the Lord, the last is first,

sweet Jesus, think I’m

gonna burst.


Stephen Parrish said...

I've been enjoying your poems for a couple of months now (Sarah Hina introduced me to you) and I think it's past time I told you. This is absolutely delightful.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Paint that Norman Rockwell!

Frolicking good verse - and a hoot to boot! All of us here enjoyed it. Happy Thanksgiving, dear poet friend.

Karen said...

Wonderful full family picture! You leave me laughing and saying I know these people!

Karen said...

I hope you had a happy turkey day!

Anonymous said...

guess family dinner are the same all over. personally i usually don't like them but i do appreciate them once in a while - for what you said exactly.
happy holy days Joaquin

Anonymous said...

Dirty rice? Are you a cajun?


joaquin carvel said...

first off - i'm sorry i've all but fallen off the planet the last couple of weeks - i'm hoping to claw my way back online and dig through all i've been missing in the coming days.

stephen - thank you! glad you've been enjoying them - great to meet you.

k. - hope your day was packed with goodness. thank you.

karen - thank you - and you too! nothing quite like the family. :)

u-frag - i think you're right. the food may change, but families are families anywhere. :) thank you.

vic - no, i'm not cajun - but we kind of come from all over, so a little loooosiana sneaks in here and there. :)

Kits said...

Love all the Thanksgiving love coming out of this one. Liked how you have built up all the characters in this one. Nice work :)