Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hanging over
A hush, a star
and Seraphim

huddled in
the straw and earth
a virgin wept
while giving birth

Both euphoric
and confused
shepherds stumbled
and perused

the empty streets
the pens and sheds
a chorus ringing
in their heads

From the east
the wise discerned
a different route
for their return

as Herod tossed
across the plain
sleepless in
suspicious reign

A silent night
pierced by the cry
of a baby
near the sty

son of David,
a shepherd who
would be a lamb;

A guest who cursed
his rotten luck
in his bed
for being stuck

by the barn
and now the din
of God as He
pulled on His skin


silly girl said...

Merry Christmas, Joaquin! and many wonderful poems to come... :)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Beautifully portrays the birth of the Savior.

You have shown us the duality of that most important event. The very humanness of Christ's birth - and the divinity of it all.

I found the last two stanzas very (I can't think of a good word - so for lack of better) avant-garde. I must say the last two lines were "wow".

Impressive, as ever.

maaga..... said...

nice piece!
have a great season..

Moanerplicity said...

Beautiful enough to sing from the Marrow, was the loveliness
Of this poetic carol!
You managed to tell
What is a timeless
Classic, yet spin
And garnish it
Into poetic

Man! How I wish
I'd only read this
On the actual day
Of Christmas!

Snatch JOY!