Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Butcher & His Bride

Loaded in a
Country Squire,
four kids with
their pants on fire,
always ready
for the ride
to the butcher
and his bride

He came swinging
golden gloves,
fists ferocious
as his love;
she came with
her family
through Russia out
of Germany

Kept a little
with the grocery
tabs on file;
settled up
the ones could pay,
never turned
a need away

Stout as weissbier
in a stein,
laughter rolling
like the Rhine,
ornery streak
a mile wide
in the butcher
and his bride

He could yodel
golden throat,
drove a Buick
like a boat;
she could take
a china plate,
paint a garden
while you wait

He made sausages
from scratch,
She made dumplings
from a patch
of blueberries
in the yard,
honest work
was never hard

He carved out
a noble life
with his cleaver
and his wife;
taking every
step in stride
just a butcher
and his bride

Never had
a moment’s doubt
what their time
was all about;
family bible
and three boys,
sixty years
of simple joys

She flew from
his arms one night
one more year
and he took flight
hymnal open
by the phone
to You’ll Never
Walk Alone

Grieving in
the loss of ours
laughter echoed
through the stars
and we smiled
as we cried
for the butcher
and his bride

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-confessional- said...

thanks for sharing this. i love it.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Beautiful narrative poem. Your poetic devices, rhythm, rhyme - the compact language and attention to sound are used with perfect poetic flair.

I would love to have known this good couple. Their life sounds so idyllic. Forgive me if I pry, it sounds as though they could have been your grandparents?

You have painted yet another flawless scene with your expressive words. Thank you!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...
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joaquin carvel said...

yep - grandparents. thought i'd post their picture....

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

What a wonderful picture! They made a very nice looking couple. They look so happy - and honestly, just how I pictured them. You wrote an amazing remembrance in their honor. I know how proud you must have made them. I can see that you loved them very much.


Julie said...

You are a great storyteller. Yes, this is a beautiful tribute to your grandparents. The wild thing is that as I was reading the poem, I didn't look at the photograph until the end (on purpose...I like to read the poem first). But I was picturing a couple that looked much like this photograph. You did a wonderful job of painting them with your words!

maaga..... said...

wow, this is hitting pretty close to home right now..yet it brought me a sense of solace..wonderfully written...God bless grandparents..

more times,,

Silly Girl said...

"sixty years
of simple joys"

isn't that the way life should be?

like my grandparents, sixty years and some of living together, still alive... i look at them and wonder "will i ever know such happiness?"
i only hope...