Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thank you, friend,
for stopping here;
a welcome voice,
a willing ear

from the dark
beyond the gable,
sitting with me
at the table;

to simple fare
in portions sparing,
finding flavor
in the sharing;

for the kindnesses
you’ve shown,
swapping tales
of your own;

you are a traveler,
I know,
the respite brief
before you go -

the road is wide,
the night is clear -
thank you, friend,
for stopping here.


-confessional- said...

i'm loving today's post. and back at ya on the other matter. :D

Scott Ennis said...

Third stanza is magical.

Thank you for the "flavor."

Anonymous said...

Well you are welcome for me stopping here, and I thank you for the verse and thoughts. Nicely written. I hadda come check you out, because my new writer/blogger buddy Lin (over at Moaners) awarded you the Uber-Amazing thing (along with me and 3 others). Great blog, I'll be back fo sho.

Anonymous said...

The pleasure was mine. I've been enjoying dropping in from time to time. Your recent 'Corcovado' was a lot of fun. Cheers.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I truly love this warm and comforting poem. It is evocatively written and beautifully imbued with the essence of Thanksgiving.

I appreciate the effortless way in which it appears - seemingly effortless. You have mastered the poetic form.

I read this poem to my Thanksgiving guests. They were delighted. Thank you.

Moanerplicity said...

Ah! This was like a breath of fresh poetic air! Yet again you display such a sense of Grace & eloquence. This piece flowed like a dance, man.

Methinks when I grew & mature a bit more, I'd like to be a poet of the same caliber, Grace & mastery as you.



p.s. Hope you & yours enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.

S.L. Corsua said...

"Warm and comforting" indeed, as K. has said. ;) The third stanza, methinks, is the heart of the poem, and speaks volumes about the feast (quantity is not the key, yes?) during this special day. Cheers.

Julie said...

I echo everyone when I say this is a lovely poem that is so full of heart and soul. I love the rhythm, too. My favorite verses are the last two. I've just returned from traveling, and those verses are definitely warm and comforting to me. I can picture the scene and the swapping of tales. It makes me feel good all over!