Thursday, November 6, 2008

Condensation: 3 Poems


It’s a sultry summer day
got a glass of Tanqueray
rocks and tonic, wedge of lime
I got nothin’, man, but time;

Turning salmon on the grill
squeeze a lemon, little dill
I got mushrooms, wild rice
I got baby greens on ice

I got lilies in a vase
driftin’ fragrance in my face
I got Stan Getz on CD
blowin’ tenor just for me;

Shimmered twilight falling slow
got a lazy onshore flow
I got sweetness on her way
I got nothin’
to say.

Small Starlit Poem

too late for coffee,
too soon for dreams;
a stitch of a moment
on one of time’s seams

Love Letter



Silly Girl said...

3 in 1 !!! ty! ty! ty! :))

tell us that ur published!
tell us that ur famous!

man, u must be!

Silly Girl said...

Rich, I know u are! cuz every word of yours is gold :))

-confessional- said...

i really like the "Small Starlit Poem" a lot. and your "Love Letter" is perfect. i like the first one as well, and "I got nothin' left to say." ;)

joaquin carvel said...

"silver and gold have i none; but such as i have give i thee"
- peter (shimon bar-yonah)

(he gave better stuff, though)

silly said...

silver and gold mean nothing, when u have an empty soul. so u are richer than the rich :P

Silvia G.
silly girl...

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I wanted to come over and pay you a visit from Old Mossy Moon. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

There is a great quality to your poems, an emotional sincerity that gives them such literary validity. Great work!

I especially liked 23rd & Dowling. There was a disturbing feature in the poem...something sinister. (Jack the Ripper-ish - or vampire-ish) ;)

I will be stopping by again soon. KLG

-confessional- said...

your words are a gift of the best kind. :D

and as for your 'tornado in a teacup' comment on my "not just so bad" - tornado, indeed. i couldn't have possibly condensed the emotions of the historic october 30th (historic for me, that is) and the story that goes with it. i turned to a simple not-so-bawdy limerick to capture just the essence of my feelings. if you want more to the story, see "i would breathe water" near the beginning of my blog (can't remember exactly when off the top of my head). i am glad you take the time and effort to read and comment on my poems. it means a lot to me. thanks.