Thursday, October 2, 2008

Impulse Purchase

I picked up a pint of ice cream,
you reached in for frozen peas;
we looked up and there we were,
frozen in our pleasantries.

Very nice of you to say
I’m looking very good these days,
very big of you to grin
and to ask me how I’ve been;

I could see you size me up
trying to measure my success,
and I caught you eye my finger
as my eyes fell down your dress.

You asked about my folks
and I asked about your work;
we held our breath and tongues,
the civil bitch and gentle jerk.

And for a quiet moment
that seemed twenty minutes long
we thought about how right we were
before we went all wrong.

An awkward take it easy,
a little coughed take care,
pretending that the coolers
put that shiver in the air;

And no, time has not touched you,
and yes, I’m doing fine,
but I put the ice cream back
and headed straight for Beer & Wine.


Anonymous said...

beer & wine is fine,
but I like rocky road....
although it makes me explode...
my stomach that is.

all your poems are beautiful.

Silly Girl said...

It all comes down to this:

"we thought about how right we were
before we went all wrong."

and it all felt like sunday afternoon... ;)

S.L. Corsua said...

Impressive. A detailed, narrative rhyming poem that moves along both memories and hindsight. This has certainly been a highlight of my rounds of poetry blogs. Thank you for sharing, really. Cheers.

-confessional- said...

i love it. good work, as usual. thanks for sharing. and thanks for the tips on my sonnet. i appreciate your opinion very much.


Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable read. Thanks for putting a thoughtful smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

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