Thursday, October 23, 2008


It takes years of politicking
to be ripened
for the picking;
it takes pretense and precision
to provoke us
to decision -

Washington and Jefferson
Adams and Monroe,
it’s hard to read your writing
so we’ll call it as we go;

We lost a king in Dallas
we lost one in Tennessee
and your country’s turned to asking
now what can you do for me

We want promised plans
to pay us
a commander
of the dais
to protect the
to defend the

We need you to understand
we were dealt this losing hand
we need cowboys, queens and aces
to redeem all these disgraces

We pay down our debts with credit
blame the bank if we misled it
tell us that you have an answer
for recession, crime and cancer

Sell us national
with some billion
dollar fences

Tell the rich
they’re under-serving
those whose needs
are more deserving

(It’s getting hard to see
through all the bunting
on the porch
but it seems that
Liberty is blind
and that Justice
stole the torch)

You’ll get my gun
when you can pull it
from my cold dead
star-striped mullet

Were there a car
in every drive
and chicken in
each pot
we’d demand
a bullet train
and vegan food
for thought

we’re fighting wars
with abstract nouns
so one should turn
this ship around

thick as molasses
lay with obstinate
in a congress
bought and bent
to bear us
a president;

Perhaps there is
far less to fear
in who will be
sworn in next year
than in the people
of by for
holding out our
hands for more

in the nation
for by of
out of money
time and love

than in me
the of for by
allegiant to
an alibi

the busted making
one more bet;
the free
the brave


-confessional- said...


and i love your styles.

thursday mornings are such a treat.

Anonymous said...

woop woop woop! you go girl, you go girl! wait, is Elktr8 a girls or a boys name? well, which ever, yer sure one of my favorite poets ever.

Silly Girl said...

just... wow!

S.L. Corsua said...

Of all the political poems (serious or satire) I've been reading lately, THIS takes the top spot for being the one I've most enjoyed. ;)

Your word choice is spot on. The flow or rhythm, impeccable. The wit and humor, priceless. Cheers.

Moanerplicity said...

So much TRUTH & such a mad consistent rhythm to this one. I think I'll read it over again just for the poetic thrill of it!

Nice write, my friend!


-confessional- said...

check it out.

Julie said...

Hello. S.L. Corsua recommended you at her site, "Unguarded Utterance." I always take S.L.'s advice, so here I am with a Woot! Very cool poem. I especially love this verse:

Were there a car
in every drive
and chicken in
each pot
we’d demand
a bullet train
and vegan food
for thought

Great rhythm, too. Great poem. It's nice to meet you.

Scott Ennis said...

Lyric poetry done well, like this one, leaves me smiling. I leaned in closer to the monitor with every line, anticipating the next alliteration or rhyme. Now I am smiling, squinting, and my neck has a kink in it! LOL Very well done!

Annamari said...

Great mix of rhythm, rhyme and political satire