Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Longest Breath

The earth and moon while spinning
struck together, in so
sparked the heavens and lit
the sun.

In darkness one is
Suspended, the sounds of a city
thrown backwards and heard
through an ocean.

Hammer meets nail meets wood.
There is no such thing
as the right color
if there is no
wrong color.

Now I know
even the shepherds
were Magi

I will sing the songs I know
and when I have sung them all
I will make new songs.

Her eyes cast the glow
of a workaday miracle
as my hand fills with camber

we are awed by what
we are not doing

Every bird flying
looking down
knows the feeling.


Ultimul Unicorn said...

"we are awed by what
we are not doing"
... not saying... not feeling... we are awed for not having the courage to LIVE our lives fully and aware.

scatteredbrain said...

"Hammer meets nail meets wood."

Automatisms…we all are somehow preprogrammed to end up doing repetitive “tasks” (thoughts, feelings, actions) for some, this “tasks” are character builders for others an image of their own superficiality…

“There is no such thing
as the right color
if there is no
wrong color."...

…there are no colors, my blue could be your green, the “right” hue it’s given by what I’ve said above…by the mechanical perception of life, feelings, actions the mass follows and perceive as real…

Prejudgment causing any flight (dream, desire) to be taken with a rope tied on ones foot, only allowing mathematical precise sliding out of reality…

Kat said...

I love everything you write, but i really like this one. I love the feeling, and the hidden wisdom in it. :D

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

awesome talent.

Welcome join us,

Thanks for the time,

Your poetry rocks.