Thursday, August 21, 2008


the thoughts that restrain us
encircle and chain us
to anchors we haven’t
a hope’s shade to nudge

what can i offer
an empty-eyed scoffer
too weak to hold
anything but a grudge

when faith finds a fool
every kindness is cruel
i taste my own blood
on the seam of her lips

one holy breath
held in one living death
one broken oar
cast from all the tall ships

a coarse little prayer
limps through the still air
in darkness that knows
neither moon nor a star

an echo returns
a whisper that burns
a promise of something
that’s massive and far

with each passing day
i drift further away
from what is remembered
by only my bones

yet i’ll scull to know it
until I’m below it,
dressed for a wedding
in a garden of stones


-confessional- said...

"with each passing day / i drift further away"

:D you rock.

Silly Girl said...
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Silly Girl said...

"the thoughts that restrain us/
encircle and chain us"
this is so true, so unbearably true.
still I find your words to be so soothing...

Moanerplicity said...

Hard to decide what about this piece impresses me most, whether it's the the rhyme schemes (which never seem forced) or the primarily message of the poem. Stickler that I am, I've gotta give mad props to the message.

Great piece, man! Really made me think.