Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Long Ride in a Yellow Vega

Yes she is my never mind
my come here you
left behind

girlie girl
with iron eyes
Zippo sparks
her lullabies
she’ll go though a fifth a day
just to do it, anyway

none of this is too important
none of this will matter much

tells me I’m an idiot
hates it when our fingers touch

leaves me every other week
comes back later on to crash
when she gets a taste for tongue
when she needs a little cash

she’s my always somewhere else
she’s my how’d I
wake up here

dreamt I was her Johnny Depp
riding amber waves of beer

isn’t worth the writing down
no one’d read it, anyway
history lets
the masses pass

She’s my looks
the other


Anonymous said...

Oh man can I relate.
I love it.

Ultimul Unicorn said...

seems like she's always on the run, running from what?

relates to this ( which I love):
"Some friends are running from you in their insane run from themselves…"

Moanerplicity said...

highly digable the way you marry common terms of speech with vivid human emotions attached to them. makes me feel a little sad for the narrator, & a little anxious to know the one who inspired the poem.


maaga..... said...

dope and real...i think everyone can relate at some point in their life..

..i enjoyed reading this piece!