Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stolen Ambulance

this week’s poem has been stolen.

ok, not really stolen. i sent it to The Smoking Poet and they published it. which is actually pretty cool. thanks, smoking poet.

sorry for the extra click, but bounce on over to read stolen ambulance - and, if you have time, you can peruse the whole fall issue – i think it’ll be worth your while.


Anonymous said...



Karen said...

A perfect, fun, rollicking, risky ride, Joaquin! I love it as much as I always love your work. You do a bad boy so well!!

Congratulations on being published!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...
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K.Lawson Gilbert said...

What a energetic hoot. Gives new meaning to high spirits! AND...That's my idea of the perfect cigars and all!

I absolutely love your bio! It made me laugh right out loud!!! Thank you for being you. <3

er...that is my deleted post. Major tpoys.

Terresa said...

Dude, serious? I love this, I can picture it (hope this is a compliment, it is meant as one) as lyrics to a song, something indie/folk/acoustic.

My fave lines (and there were many):

"and her mouth was full of sugar
and her eyes were full of cream"

Stop right there, it is already A Poem. Dude. I have poem envy, so bad...

PS: Didn't realize you were SoCal, we're here for the next few days (San Diego), just booked. My next trip down, though, I'd like to meet up with writer/poet friends, I have quite a few in SoCal.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Now I noticed, I put "a" before energetic....instead of "an" - can't delete again...people will think I am getting less acute mentally!
...yeah, I know, right?

signed...bkm said...

I am so excited for you!!!! really, really am...may you get published again and again....bkm

Julie said...

Congratulations, Joaquin!! I'm so excited to see you out there. That's where you should be...out there! Of course, you should still be here, too. I'd be sad if I didn't have once a week Joaquin brilliance to read.

Your poem rocks. It's exciting and funky and has a great voice (of course). Only you could write about stealing an ambulance and make me root for the thieves. I love "spillin' gauze and Benzedrine." Awesome detail.

Okay, I gotta be the one to say it. You made me fall out of my chair (in a good way) with this stanza:

"someone said the destination
ain't important – it's the journey
and I'd say you never done it
'til you tried it on a gurney"

Hee hee!! That’s great. I'm off to find a gurney now. Excellent words to live by, my friend:) Big congrats!

Jannie Funster said...

What do you think of the cool set in London?

...pharmaceuticals it takes to fix her brain.

Hey people looking out the window to the city below, (fun and sorrow) hey people looking out the window, you'll be gone tomorrow.

Seymour Stein, I've been lonely...

7 weeks of staying up all night.

Just a few of the lines from The Boy With The Arab Strap, from memory. Your Belle & Sebastian sidebar feature makes me remember.

An extra click?? For YOU?? Anything!

And you're top Friend in my sidebar today.


Jannie Funster said...

THAT was a cool poem -- hear a song in it, of course.

Never stole an ambulance, or other car but I did borrow a bicycle once without asking. THEN someone else stole it, but I eventually fessed up to my friend it was me who took her, and paid her for it.


joaquin carvel said...

u-frag - thank you. you're next, right?

karen - thank you! it was a nice surprise. (note: no neighbors in need of medical attention were harmed in the making of this poem.) :)

k. - a perfect date - yes! :) thank you. i didn't know what to do with the bio - glad it made you smile. (and don't worry - we all know how sharp you are - it'll take a lot more than a few typos to make us wonder:))

teressa - yes, that is a huge compliment - thank you. some of these should be songs, i think - i just don't have a lick of musical ability. and - *you* have poem envy? wow. that is saying a lot. thank you again. hope you had fun in s.d. - i love it down there.

bkm - thank you! i've been trying to submit more lately - so we'll see. :)

julie - out there is nice - but i like it here a little better - i get to hear from my friends. thank you - (oh, and watch those rails on the gurney. they can be tricky!)

jannie - belle & sebastian tends to stick in my brain like that too. thank you - and thanks for the awesome link/button in your sidebar! (also - impressed that you fessed up to that. i'd like to think i would have too, but...i don't know.)

Jingle said...

good for you.