Thursday, April 29, 2010


She smells like the
summer rain
drifts like an old song
through my brain

moves like breezes
through the grass
as warm as home
as smooth as glass

every smile is a sunrise
chasing darkness from the sky
and I’m a little gladder
every time she passes by

Her body like
the crashing waves
can’t help but stare
and be amazed

and when her lips
begin to part
a bolt shoots through
the harshest heart

each smile is the silence
just before the music plays
and I’m a little gladder
every time she looks my way

Eyes that spark
and flash and gleam
like glints of gold
inside a stream

and when a sadness
clouds her face
the sun and stars
seem out of place

she’s the girl that you meet
that makes you glad you came,
and I’m a little gladder
just because she knows my name.

[from the archives. 2000-ish]


Julie said...

Hi, Joaquin. I don't remember this one, but I'm glad you posted it. I love the sweetness of the voice and all of the sensory details. Summer rain, the crashing waves, the breeze, smooth as many lovely phrases. She must be one heck of a girl!

BloggerMouth said...

I am overwhelmed by the beauty and the emotion in this. Thank you for posting.

Moanerplicity said...

Wow! So beautiful. So lyrical. This could truly be a song. The kind that James taylor might sing. The kind that would make the women in the first row swoon.

Truly beautiful, man!


RachelW said...

This one should definitely be set to music.