Thursday, April 15, 2010


forget the thought
I thought I thunk -
I shoot my mouth
when I get drunk

and I don’t mean
and I don’t aim
that ratshot blast
but just the same

I ougtta leave
that whiskey be
what puts the devil
into me

forget the things
I think I said -
God knows what
flew out my head

like tossin’ shells
into a flame
until they pop
and mar and maim

I oughtta quit
that wicked juice
what knocks my sense
and jaw too loose

so just forget
the man you thought
I am because
turns out I’m not

I’m loaded with
the hammer cocked
a bottle up
and almost crocked

I guess that’s just
the bitch of me -
i’m smokin’ in
the armory.


Karen said...

...and I'm smiling ear to ear at this! What a delightful read! I can hear this as a drinking song!

I love the voice of this - a bad news bear who knows it and knows what he should do about it but who never for a minute seriously considers doing anything at all. As a matter of fact, he's rather proud to be "smokin' in the armory."

Love it!

Julie said...

I echo Karen! This could be a song! Awesome poem, Joaquin. The voice is great, and as is usual in your poems, it makes me think of many things. I love this stanza:

"I oughtta quit
that wicked juice
what knocks my sense
and jaw too loose."

And...oh my gosh...the shells in the fire is a spectacular image. Those words "pop and mar and maim." So true. It just all comes flying out, and it's not usually what we're proud of.

I hope your hiatus is a good one!

Jannie Funster said...

See you-oo in Jo-oo-oon.

(Sung to see you in September, of course.)


Aniket said...

"I oughtta quit
that wicked juice
what knocks my sense
and jaw too loose"

No way! You can't quit before we sit down and have a drink together.

Moanerplicity said...

As a bartender,
I can surely attest
to what the words you pen,
and the actions you confess.

There's such truth
in what you scribe!
They say a drunken tongue
tells no lies...

and yet many of us get drunk with the truth,
it becomes offensive...
due to the spirits
in that amber-colored