Wednesday, March 17, 2010


“green with envy” -
envy’s green?
this idiom,
from what latrine?
I hadn’t thought
what it might mean
until today,
until this scene;

as spring is surging
over us,
verdant, blooming,
the shoots - oeuvre!
the sprigs - opus!

what doesn’t grow -

that’s envious!

[yes, a day early - but seems fitting - and anyway, what good is a rule if you can't bend it sometimes? happy greening, all!]


Karen said...

How very clever this is! You turn the phrase on its green ear as you prove that there's good reason to be envious of "verdant, blooming/boisterous...shoots" and "springs." Green is so easy on the eyes after the browns and grays and whites of this long winter. Your picture is lovely, and I'm sure, a welcome scene to winter-weary eyes.

My first thought when I saw you had posted: What day is this?!

Aniket said...

I've lost track of days as it is... so I certainly don't mind the rule-bending. :)

We have entered full blown summer over here. Had my first mango of the season yesterday. Deh-li-cious!

silly unicorn said...

Green is my favourite color, but I thought it symbolize hope! :)

It makes much more sense...

Little Girl Lost said...

i hadn't really thought about how nonsensical that cliche was, but you are right, its impossible to anvision any sort of negativity in an image like this...
a poem as light as summer... loved it :)
i've posted. come see.

Julie said...

I need to learn how to do blog alerts...or whatever it's called. I'm still doing the old fashioned "click and check" for reading blogs. But I'm glad to see you any day, Joaquin!

I've never thought about the phrase "green with envy" either. Now I'm curious to look up the origins.

As always, I enjoy the vigor and rhythm of your words. And the twists and turns and word on!! The last two stanzas especially rock my world. You always make me look at things in a unique way, and I love that.

Sarah Hina said...

Ah, I love how you flipped this tired saying around and came at it through the roots! :)

I can feel the exuberance and playfulness shoot through that second stanza, leaving the dormant winter behind. What a joyful prelude to spring this is. And conjuring the perfect spirit for embracing St. Paddy's Day full on (and The Pogues don't hurt!).

BloggerMouth said...

It feels nice, coming back to your blog after a while! What lovely words and what a nice opening to the season =)

joaquin carvel said...

karen - easy on the eyes is right - glad it's here. (i don't know if you can tell but that's a cactus patch in the middle of the grass - i love so. cal.) thank you.

aniket - mmmm -mango! thanks - enjoy your summer!

sg - i think it does symbolize hope - and life. thank you!

lgl - thank you - glad you agree.

julie - thank you - it's kind of interesting, the evolution of it.

sarah - thank you - i love the pogues anytime, but it's nice to hear them on the radio or blasting from a bar once a year.

blo-mo - thank you - it's in the air, i think.

Karen said...

I just came back and saw your comment about the cactus patch, and no, I hadn't seen that.

I'll be in Southern California at Easter. I'm so eager for the warm weather! We've gone back to winter here.

Jingle said...

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