Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smart Cookie

I always take a cookie
when I tiptoe down the cellar,
so in case I find a monster
I can feed the fearsome feller.

I move real quick and quiet
and try not to look too savory,
then when I race back up the stairs
it’s my reward - for bravery!


Julie said...

Hee heeee! I'm glad you got to eat the cookie! That's a good reward for bravery. I'm not brave, but I still eat the cookies. A fun read:)

Karen said...

This is SO Shel Silverstein! Have you read the poems in "Where the Sidewalk Ends"? If not, I highly recommend them. Example:

"There's too many kids in the tub.
There's too many elbows to scrub.
I just washed a behind that I'm sure wasn't mine.
There's too many kids in the tub."

Then, there's "Mrs. McTwitter, the Babysitter" or "If We Were a Rock and Roll Band." Wonderful, fun poetry, which is what you do so well!

I can easily see you publishing a book of poetry for children. I think you'd be great at that. The playfulness of your manipulation of language would lend itself to the playfulness of childhood.

[This is meant as a compliment and not to imply that you aren't a grownup's poet. You are!! I think you're outstanding, Joaquin.]

Brosreview said...

Ha! Nicely written!!!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hey Karen - now at least Merissa will be mad at you and not me for a change. When Riss was over today - we read this, but couldn't answer because Cash takes up every minute of our!(and we love that he does) She said - I hope Joaquin won't get tired of me comparing him to famous poets/writers...but this reminds me of Shel Silverstein's poems! And now you have beat her to it! Ohhhhh, Riss you have to get up early next Thursday morning and comment before Karen and I have a chance to get on here!!

Well, what's not to love about this poem, from the clever title on! You have an imagination as big as I have ever seen - and you really know how to put it to good use with your poems.

Aniket said...

Tee Hee! That's such a sweet piece. Everyone loves cookies! :)

And if both Karen and K recommend it. I must hunt for Shel Silverstein's poems. ;-)

Silly Girl said...

:) i dun have a cellar, but i always run from dark empty hallways... too fearfull to eat something then - but i like the ideea of rewarding "my bravery" with smth sweet ;)

u have a nice week-end, j.c.!

Little Girl Lost said...

The Monster:-
When JC comes down stairs, i always check to see
What type of Cookie she's brought this time for me.
But its never chocolate chips, only oats or nuts or plums
So i let her go back up, and wait till next time comes.


Little Girl Lost said...

aniket- yes you must. you absolutely must. i grew up with where the sidewalk ends... my education would have been incomplete without it. :)
you'll love uncle shelby :)

trooping with crows said...

Like I said once before, Joaquin, I NEVER know WHAT you will write about. This is my kind of poem. I love monsters, ghoulies, and beasties! Mom and I read this one together and just giggled all the way through. You are brilliant. Well done AGAIN!
(We're all saying Shel Silverstein...but I got one better who I KNOW you will love. Please check out Edward Gorey! You will NOT be sorry you did)

RachelW said...

Love it! This would fit in well with Alligator Pie...

Catvibe said...

I feel like I just walked back into childhood with this one Joaquin, very spirited and fun! (And delicious, and crunchy)

Anonymous said...

SWEET. reminds me of one israeli poet i loved as a kid and rediscoverd lately and now i find it is beautiful even more as a grown up

coffee angel said...

oh my this is the sweetest thing i've read in a long long long time!! Brilliant!! Have so much to learn from u...!
Do check out my blog and give ur opnions :) would love to learn what u think :)

trooping with crows said...

Hey Joaquin, just wanted to say, I was telling my husband about this one in the car the other day, and I hadn't realized that I had actually memorized it! I literally recited the poem. Told you it was my kind of poem!

Jannie Funster said...

I'm 45 and I still get the willies going to my parents' cellar.