Thursday, September 18, 2008


She is shimmering and swimming
and I am on the shore
and she knows what she’s after
and I don’t know what for

Got a hook and a pole
and some oranges I stole
and I’m hoping for a

Underneath the surface
way down deep and cool
I toss peels upon the water
and must look like a fool

Casting out the best I got
and slowly reel ‘em in
but I ain’t catching nothing
and she’s always where she’s been

Got a pole and a hook
and some wishes I took
and I’m waiting for a

Crows gather 'round
in a dead willow tree
and I hear ‘em laugh
I’m guessing at me

And the wide sky is open
and the waters are still
and my creel is empty
just like that old mill

I don’t have a pan
and I don’t have a knife
and if I could swim
I’d have her for my wife

Got a hook and a pole
and a hard dinner roll
I’m planning to share with a

She don’t take the bait
she don’t hear my call
she don’t care for me
I’m guessing at all

But if she’d come up
for a short little stay
I’d maybe look different
than from far away

This old pond is full
of large mouth and cats
and I’d fill up a stringer
if I wanted that

But I got the time
and I got the will
and as long as she’s swimming
I’ll be up here still

Got a pole and a hook
and a spot by the brook
and I ain’t leaving without a


Anonymous said...

I caught a girlfish once, but she got away. I tried real hard to reel her in, then she jumped out my boat. dangit.

Silly Girl said...

"But I got the time
and I got the will
and as long as she’s swimming
I’ll be up here still"

I know this feeling - when you just can't give up.

Full of hope that sparkels between the lines... ;)

-confessional- said...

always love your work, of course. this one is fantastic. why don't you post more than one a week?

joaquin carvel said...

my only two abilities
are making poems
and mix CDs;

nice, but short of
the extent
either one
could pay my rent.

does that count as two this week?

-confessional- said...

haha, thanks. :)