Thursday, May 5, 2011


Had a lucky silver dollar
stamped in eighteen eighty-four
kept it with me
in my wallet
maybe fifteen years or more

It was with me when I found out
they had kicked me out of school
and the day
that I got hustled
down in Austin, shootin’ pool

On the day that I got married
and the day that I came home
to a pretty note
she left me
and some other guy’s cologne

On the night that I got cold-cocked
For a stupid smart remark
and the time
I got arrested
just for pissin’ in the park

On the day I got evicted
and the day that I got canned
and the day
the IRS said
that I owed ‘em seven grand -

So I sold that silver dollar
for a fifth of sour mash
and a pack of
and a couple bucks in cash -

By the bottom of the bottle
as I drank it in my truck
couldn’t stop myself
from smilin’ -
guess I’m finally
outta luck.

1 comment:

Aniket said...

I wanna have a beer with this guy. We have stuff to talk about.

This one is the scariest poem i've ever read, coz I can associate more with the silver dollar than the protagonist. Have you listened to the song 'Please please please, let me get what i want' by The Smiths? Its a lovely song. Some might think its a pessimistic song, but I love it.