Thursday, December 24, 2009

S' Nickel Us

Sander Klaus comes in me door
as I ain’t got no chimney -
we set up and juke and jaw,
throw down some bones and whiskey.

Sander Klaus, he gettin’ old,
he too fat fer his good;
he ask me if I want his job,
says I, don’t think I could.

I’s jangled by them jingle bells
and can’t find no appeal
in givin’ all them presents out
to folks says I’s inreal.

Sander Klaus, he tiny smile,
his face get sorta sad;
he turn out toward the window an’
I starts to gettin’ mad,

but he just shake his snowy head
and gen’ly wave his hand;
says he, the magic ain’t to fly –
s’to find somewheres to land.


catvibe said...

Aw Joaquin, this is sweetly sad. But it is in many ways a beautiful commentary. I have hope that somehow we'll find the spirit beyond consumerism and be happy with having Santa's Presence, not Presents, like your character in this poem did, eating and drinking and essentially being merry together, remembering that human connection beyond our normally self centered existence is what it's about. Presence, not presents. A great big hug to you, and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you a bit through all our blogging interactions. You have a true gift and I'm blessed to have your presence in my world. Merry Christmas Joaquin.

BloggerMouth said...

You have a knack for coming up with the best titles and the best endings. Your poem reminds me of a story my grammy used to tell me when I was little. She said Santa's tears made up all the snow in the North Pole because he cried when he got lonely.

Have yourself a Merry Chritstmas, Joaquin.

Karen said...

I love the accent and the message. Great ending and moral to this story!

I hope your Christmas was/is wonderful!

Silly Girl said...

Merry merry Christmas, to you, Joaquin! :)
Great poem - I enjoyed it a lot.

And the accent it's a treat, by the way ;)


Julie said...

Hi, Joaquin. I agree with all the comments, and Bloggermouth is so right about your titles and endings. You rock with both of those elements, as well as storylines. I love the accent, too. Wonderful work! I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and wish you many good things for the coming year!

Aniket said...

Well you sure do know how to pick the accent. :)
Your poems are like fortune cookies. They always get me excited to find the message inside.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I don't know if it's the boogey woogey dialect here or message - but I am so reminded of Langston Hughes. Great social commentary. Perfect title to illustrate the point! I always look forward to your holiday poetry! wow...