Thursday, November 19, 2009


and matchsticks
and old books
and card tricks

pocket knives
and forty-fives
and treble hooks
and moonlight drives

and words that rhyme
and Underdog
and lemon-lime

skirts that spin up
past the knees –
I’m not too hard
a man to please.


Julie said...

I love the playfulness of the voice. I also like all the things the narrator mentions, but probably for different reasons. At least my love of skirts is probably for different reasons. Women like prancing around and showing off in them. And I love those pocket knives and forty fives, yessir I do.

Lemon-lime is such a great line. Yep. And I love those Underdogs. Two thumbs up for capitalizing it. It's a wonderful poem and much fun to read, so I'll stop myself from over analyzing it and just enjoy it.

Hey, guess what? Your book just came TODAY! How awesome that it arrived on a Thursday. Beautiful work.

BloggerMouth said...

Moonlight drives... :) These might seem like simple things but they're all ingredients that bring joy and peace to your mind... And a mind as great as yours is not so simple.

I love the rhyme scheme!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Autobiographical? I just knew you would like Underdog, old books, and short skirts - but, you, a Simpletom? Never! I agree w/Julie - I enjoyed the playfulness of this one. Great fun!

I got my book!!!! <3 <3 <3 I highly recommend it to anyone here reading - or anyone else on the planet!

Top five favs in book (this was hard)
1. Blood & Irony
2. My Fair Lady
3. "Adrift" by A. Wyeth
4. Sing Me Charlene
5. Innkeeper
Nevermind I can't stop at 5
6. Alice
7. Small Starlit Poem
Oh, you know, I'll have 50 on here...Let me say that I love and appreciate each and every poem here...they are like old friends come to call!!! Best thing is they're here to stay.

One last nod...Sycamore! It is near and dear to my heart - and my very FAVORITE for MANY reasons!

Thanks for making a book!

trooping with crows said...

Hi Joaquin,
I apologize for my hiatus! Haven't even been getting to Mom's very much. I will have to spend some time going through all that I have missed, my friend. This one really made me smile. I love "lists" and I love the simple things in life. I really loved "wintertime and words that rhyme" it is so cute, but not like, cutesy. It's cool.
I am so excited about your book! I saw it at Mom's, she was so excited to show me! I am asking Santa for it.

RachelW said...

Sometimes simple is good.

Aniket said...

I got my book today too! That was fast! :D

Hope you don't mind me playing along.

Cuban cigars
Speeding cars
Living it rough
Some bites and scars

Good luck totems
Books on golems
And of course
Your lovely poems

A pack of ciggs
And a zippo lighter
You see, hard to please
I am neither.

Sorry couldn't help myself. :D

Mairi said...

The guys version of 'These are a few of my favourite things." Distinctly less saccharine though. But which Underdog do you mean? I'm picturing Marilyn Monroe with her skirt up around her hips hearing a voice from the audience say "Have no fear. Underdog is here."

Karen said...

A simple Tom? I think not! I love the lists, too, and of course, since I'm late getting here, everyone has already commented on my favorite parts. Suffice it to say that it's all wonderful. I can picture this guy from toothpick in mouth to moonlight drive.

Sarah Hina said...

Moonlit drives, lemon-lime, and skirts inspiring vertigo. Yep, I'm loving these, too.

Simple can seem complicated sometimes. But not here. My breaths are lighter after reading this. There is a joy in the savoring.

joaquin carvel said...

julie - as a wise man once said, "skirts is skirts". ok, no one ever said that. still. thank you - and it is awesome the book came on a thursday. providence?

bm - thank you - another fan of moonlight drives! i don't know if it's a great mind but it'll have to do. :)

k - yep, it pretty much is - and a huge wow+thanks for the glowing review! and thank you for making me feel like making a book was a good idea.

troooop! no apology needed - just glad you're back - and glad it drew a smile. here's hoping santa comes through!

rachel - i agree. it gets lost too easily sometimes, but i think that's when it's needed most.

aniket - so glad to hear you got the book - and that you played along! thank you. (those scars from nunchucks?)

mairi - thank you - i guess it is. yes, i was thinking the cartoon underdog - but at some time either before or after the monroe moment.

karen - thank you - simply put.

sarah - "savoring" is awesome. thank you.

Anonymous said...

simple Is the best
and this one poem is so much fun to read.. could i print it on my wall to remember everyday?

joaquin carvel said...

u-frag - absolutely - i'd be honored. thank you!

Catvibe said...

Fun! I love the last stanza the most.

Anonymous said...


i really do admire your work..

(u-frag :-) took me 46 seconds to get it...)

good day

Jannie Funster said...

Just LOVE this!!!

I will have to look up treble hooks, tho.

Jannie Funster said...

Ah, a fish hook trio!

Malvika said...

A friend just shared this poem with me, with the subject - My favourite poem ...

It is just so cute, I wonder why haven't I written something like this?
Breezy, snuggle, fireplace, woolen, enid blyton, goblin, cottage, cheese, santa, red nose, rudolph, home alone, i am getting so many words and images in mind, all of them only bring joy!