Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blood & Irony

When we woke
the golden beams
of sunlight fell
in cheerful streams;
the laughter rang
the fruit was sweet
the music moved
our nimble feet

We were certain and courageous
we were captains, kings and sages
holding court in revelry
drunk on blood & irony;

We snatched all that we could take
dropped the rest into a lake
that seemed deeper than the sea
black as blood & irony

As the clouds were
across the valley
we were waiting
for a dawning of
enamored with
our own reflection

We were focused and unflagging
as our purse grew strained and sagging
shackled to prosperity
coughing blood & irony;

Struck the brass and cast a bell,
threw our silver down a well
trying to buy our wishes free
drawing blood & irony

When the lightning
split the skies
we were taken
by surprise
as a flash
of revelation
dampened all
our jubilation

We marched out in rigid ranks
as the river claimed its banks
climbing fast and steadily
raining blood & irony;

Plunging through the maelstrom
still convinced we’d not succumb
losing bodies and debris
rushing blood & irony

We retreated
and indicted
one another
as shortsighted;
we demanded
and debated
as the keep
was inundated

We were gripped by desperate fears
charged the mystics and the seers
nailed them to their prophecy
spilling blood & irony;

And still it came, torrential
bitter cold and consequential
split and flowed through each levee
spewing blood & irony

We absconded
toward the hills
wracked by colic
cramps and chills;
a muddy surge
cut off the highlands
as the peaks
sank into islands

We turned and watched the dim cascade
dismantle everything we made
until all that we could see
a flood of blood & irony

Clutching anything that floats
children crying in our coats
as our hope and legacy
drowns in blood & irony

[with sincere gratitude & flimsy apologies to confessional, who (graciously) allowed me to (blatantly) steal the amazing line which is this title which became this poem.]


Karen said...

I love the rhythmic battle flow of this; it is reminiscent of older epic poems. I want to read and read again to focus on each section, but I couldn't wait to say how much I love it. The image of blood and irony, through its many manifestations here chills and fills this tale. Perfect, as always!

-confessional- said...

You are very welcome, and thank you. It's wonderful.

Julie said...

Yes, it is wonderful. The rhythm in your poems is always perfect. This one, which feels like marching into a battle, highlights the ultimate black irony and strengthens the tension of the piece. Beautiful job.

There are so many excellent lines. It's hard to pick out just a few. "Drunk on blood & irony" is breathtaking. And I love how you weave that line throughout the poem in echoes that are different each time.

Very powerful work. I am going to read it again and again!!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

To think that you took the three words from Confessional (I agree - it's an amazing line) and wrote a complex, vivid narrative around them! Remarkable, Joaquin!

The words spill so profoundly, piercingly and allegorically.
It is a strong, solid piece - a fascinating expression of a deeper meaning. I am still studying it.

I marvel at your use of langauage. You are a skilled and artful poet.

silly girl said...

"holding court in revelry
drunk on blood & irony;"...

how u always amaze me with ur words. so many wonderful words, so many living pictures in your poems :)

maaga..... said...

your pieces always paint pictures in my mind, i saw this revelry as i read..

..great work as usual!!
more times.

Scott Ennis said...

You never disappoint. When I feel like I am the only person in the world who is unashamed of lyric poetry, I know I can come here for your company. You never disappoint.

Moanerplicity said...

You took me on a journey of flows and floats and dips and leaps... joy and passion, & a reverie so deep. I sigh, & I smile as I marvel at the strength of at the depths of your poetic feats!