Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Pomme, A Poem, A World to Roam

Take a pomme
and boil it,
take a poem
and eat

take the love
you fear the most
and cleave to its conceit.

Take me to the forest, dear
take me to the moon
take my hand and tell me, dear
what time you mean by soon.

Take a pomme
and fry it up
take a poem
and peel it

take the hate
you’ve bottled up
and free it when you feel it.

Take me to the circus, dear
take me out to dance
take your time and tell me, dear
what hope there is in chance.

Take a pomme
and bury it
take a poem
and live it

take your bruised
and battered heart
and kiss me
as you give it.